Jumbo White Quail

Our Coturnix Jumbo White quail originated from the prestigious genetic line of Southwest Gamebirds. We started raising these birds as a fast-growing sustainable meat source and they did not disappoint!  We offer quail eggs for a delectable dining experience or for hatching to start your own quail-raising adventure. We also offer healthy and robust chick and adult quails for those interested in adding these remarkable birds to their flock.  And, because Motrosa Farm has a NPIP certified flock, you can rest assured your birds are healthy.

Why Jumbo White Quail?

Our Jumbo White quail are a special breed known for their fast growth, making them an exceptional choice for a reliable meat source.  From hatching to egg laying in 8 to 10 weeks, these birds provide a constant egg and meat source.  They are true jumbo quail, finishing out at 12-14 oz and laying 12-16 g eggs.  Their impressive genetic lineage ensures that you receive quails of the highest quality, ready to thrive in your care.

Jumbo White Quail
just hatched quail chicks

Passionate About Quail Farming

Quail Eggs – A Delicacy with Versatility:

Indulge in the delicacy of quail eggs, prized for their unique flavor and texture. Perfect for gourmet dishes, appetizers, or even as a nutritious addition to your daily diet, these eggs are a culinary delight that will surely impress your guests and elevate your meals.  And, unlike chickens, quail are often known to lay more than one egg per day!

Quail Eggs for Hatching – Begin Your Quail Journey:

If you’re interested in nurturing your own flock of quails, our quail eggs for hatching offer a wonderful opportunity to start your journey into quail farming. With proper care and attention, you can witness the miracle of life as these tiny eggs hatch into adorable quail chicks in just 18 days. We provide the support and information you need to ensure a successful hatching experience.

Chick and Adult Quails – Healthy and Happy:

For those seeking to expand their quail population or looking to add to an existing flock, we offer healthy and well-raised chick and adult quails. Our NPIP certified flock of quails are raised with love and care, ensuring they are robust and ready to adapt to their new environment effortlessly.  Contact us regarding availability.

FAQs Regarding Quail:

  • What kind of cage setup is necessary for quail?
    The best cage setup for Coturnix quail should provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment that meets their specific needs. Here are some key considerations when setting up a cage for Coturnix quail:

    Coturnix quail are relatively small birds, but they require enough space to move around comfortably. As a general rule, allow 1 square foot of floor space per bird.  Coturnix do not require perches and they rarely will lay eggs in a box.  They do, however, enjoy a box with sand/dirt for dirt bath.    If the cage is located outdoors, make sure it is secure from predators including snakes, raccoons, foxes and birds of prey.

  • What is the proper ratio of males to females when breeding Coturnix quail? 
    The proper ratio of males to females when breeding Coturnix quail is typically 1 male to every 3-5 females. This ratio helps ensure successful mating and fertilization of eggs without putting too much stress on the females. In a larger breeding setup, you can have multiple groups of this ratio, but avoid overcrowding, as it may lead to aggressive behavior and reduced breeding success.

  • Jumbo White Quail are not feather sexable, how do you tell males from females?  There are literally hundreds of videos on YouTube to show you this process.  It’s pretty straight forward and easy.  Gently hold the bird in one hand, with the other, examine the vent of the bird. Pushing down on the bulb before the vent results in foam (a means of marking territory in a male).  If you have foam, congratulations, you have a boy.  No foam, female! 

  • Do you provide a guarantee?
    For birds and chicks, the general answer is no.  Our birds are healthy and you are encouraged to look them over for any signs of sickness before you pay. If you improperly care for chicks, for instance, (who require warmth until they are fully feathered), or you put your newly purchased bird directly in with your current flock and it gets pecked to death, we are not responsible.  The bottom line is we do not know what conditions our healthy birds are going into after leaving us.

    Hatching eggs: We have a typical hatch rate of 97-100%, but again that is not guaranteed because incubators are not all the same and not everyone faithfully maintains the temperature and required humidity level.  If, however, you candle the eggs at day 15 and you have an unfertilized egg rate below 50%, we will provide you with replacement eggs to replace the ‘duds’ free of charge – once.

  • Will you ship birds or eggs?
    We have received our NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) certification which will enables us to ship hatching eggs and birds.  The cost of shipping is NOT included in the price unless stated in writing.  While we can legally ship, we still prefer to meet locally when possible.  We meet buyers at local swaps and/or in private transaction at a convenient public place (I’m partial to using the Tractor Supply parking lot in either Appomattox or Madison Heights but will also meet in Concord, Lynchburg and surrounding areas).  Be advised, if you stand me up, you will only do so once! You will be blacklisted and I will ensure everyone I know will realize that you cannot be trusted to do business. 

  • Can I come to the farm?
    Sadly, no. For security/safety reasons (yours and ours), insurance reasons and bio-security reasons we do not allow the public to visit the flock in person.  For those thinking we are “hiding something” because they are not allowed on the property, please follow Motrosa Farm on social media at the links on this page.  We share the good, the bad, and the ugly of farm life. You can also request a video of the animal’s living conditions if it really bothers you.   If you are still turned off because you can’t poke around our farm, then this transaction is not for you. Have a blessed day.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Cash, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo are all good options.  In rare cases you will be asked for a deposit for chickens but if you want to ensure you get a specific bird, we are willing to take deposits to hold them. Transactions that require shipping are to be paid in full in advance.  Otherwise, you pay in full when we meet and you accept the eggs/birds.