Faith, Family, Friends

Motrosa Farm has history. Motrosa, circa 1859, stands proudly on a hill overlooking rolling pastures and the Falling River in Concord, Virginia.  This plantation-style farm was named by the previous owners, Mott and Rosa Robertson. The original Motrosa encompassed more than 720 acres, and was the leading supplier of quality produce and beef in the Lynchburg area. Motrosa was known throughout the county as a place of fun and fellowship. In remembrance of Mott and Rosa, we have kept the name, Motrosa.

We purchased 65 acres of the original farm in 2005 along with the main house and barn.  While some may call us ‘hobby farmers’ because we have jobs off the farms, we take our roll as stewards of the land and animals that God has blessed us with to heart.  We strive to raise the same standard of excellence that this farm was known for in the past.

Bruce & Barbi Wagner

Black Jersey Giants Chickens

Jersey Giant Chickens

BIG on Sustainability

What started as a way to raise sustainable meat birds became a quest to raise the best quality Jersey Giant chickens on the market.  NPIP Certified Flock