Welcome to Motrosa Farm​

Black Angus

Our small registered herd is the product of excellent genetics.  We breed for calving ease, docility, marbling and other factors important to commercial cattle and registered breeders alike.

Black Angus Calf at Motrosa
Black Jersey Giants Chickens

Jersey Giant Chickens

BIG on Sustainability

What started as a way to raise sustainable meat birds became a quest to raise the best quality Jersey Giant chickens on the market.  NPIP Certified Flock

English Angora & Flemish Giant Rabbits

We raise beautiful, healthy, rabbits. Whether you are looking for sustainable meat or fiber rabbits or just want a big, friendly (or fluffy) pet.

English Angora doe at Motrosa Farm
Jumbo White Quail

Jumbo White Quail

The fastest growing, sustainable meat source! Jumbo White Quail go from chick to producing eggs in just 8 weeks!  

NPIP Certified Flock

Keep the Spinning Tradition Alive!

A relaxing pastime that yields useable results.  We offer a four-hour, single-day class for those wanting an introduction to spinning on a traditional wheel.  An easy, affordable way to find out if spinning is for you!

Tomatoes and peppers grown at Motrosa Farm

Farm to Table

At Motrosa, we are all about sustainability and knowing where our food comes from. We offer eggs year-round, as well as seasonal produce, jams and other farm products.  Contact us, or follow us on Facebook, for information on local farmer’s markets and swaps we will be attending.