eggsThere are a lot of terms regarding eggs, such as cage-free and free-range.  Different people use different definitions so here is our definition of cage-free:  Our chickens are confined to roomy, outdoor runs and have the protection of a coop.  They are able to come and go from the coop as they please into the run.  Due to the overwhelming amount of predators in our area, we do not allow our chickens to “free-range” (roam at will outdoors) or they would quickly be a chicken dinner for a hawk, owl, possum or fox. 

Our hens are fed mostly garden scraps with some commercial eggnutritionchicken feed added for protein.  Different breeds of chickens lay different color eggs – your carton will likely contain a mixture of white and various shades of brown eggs.   Often, you’ll get an egg that contains more than one yolk.  That’s nature.  If that freaks you out, get your eggs from the store where they remove the larger eggs.

Price:  $3.50 per dozen;   $5.00 per 18 count carton. 

(.50 cent reimbursement for returned cartons)


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